The Calling Lake Spirit

Volume 1
September 2020

Volume 2
December 2020

Volume 3
April 2021

Volume 4
July 2021

Volume 5
October 2021

Volume 6
February 2022

Volume 7
May 2022

Volume 8
October 2022

Volume 9
February 2023

Volume 10
June 2023

A project of the Calling Lake Community Society

Land Acknowledgement

Recognizing that we are all Treaty people, equally responsible to know our shared history and journey forward in good faith, we acknowledge with respect that Calling Lake stands on land, and alongside water, where Indigenous peoples have gathered, hunted, fished and held ceremonies from time immemorial. Knowing that J.B. Gambler Indian Reserve #183 is part of Bigstone Cree Nation within Treaty 8 Territory, and that we are within Métis Nation of Alberta District 22, we wish to understand the spirit and intent of promises made so that we can take action to create a just and caring future built on truth and reconciliation.

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