Located on Treaty 8 Territory and within Métis Nation of Alberta Region 1, Calling Lake is home to a blend of Indigenous, settler and cabin households. About 500 people live in the community full time; another 250 live on the Jean Baptiste Gambler Reserve, part of the Bigstone Cree Nation; nearly 2,000 are cottagers who come here part time. Our community lies within the Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17, based in Wabasca with a sub-office in Calling Lake. The Calling Lake Community Society, a grassroots group of volunteers, seeks to serve everyone here through various projects, including community events, a Facebook page, the Spirit newsletter and this website.  


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Calling Lake Community Society


A registered not-for-profit, the Calling Lake Community Society is composed of volunteers who seek to unite the community in mutually beneficial projects. Their desire to  build and enhance the community is reflected in the society’s mission:


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To provide a forum for community development by improving relationships, supporting community projects and engaging all residents – from youth to seniors and Elders, full- or part-time residents and guests to Calling Lake. To be a voice for our community at large and a conduit to other interested parties that can bring needed support to Calling Lake.

The Calling Lake Community Society evolved from the Calling Lake Cottage Association, which registered with Alberta Corporate Registries in 1997 and for more than 20 years has sponsored numerous community initiatives.


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Since its mandate expanded in 2020, the society has reached out to new partners with a vision of a Calling Lake that is “happy, healthy and thriving economically.” Its members hope to work alongside Bigstone Cree Nation, MD Opportunity, cottage owners and the entire community to build capacity by fostering mutually beneficial relationships, both locally and with federal, provincial, municipal and Indigenous governments and interested parties. 

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Water matters
The state of our lake is a significant focus for the Calling Lake Community Society.  “Water Matters” delves into the health of the  water that has always helped to define this community and examines the ways we have interacted with this crucial resource.

Bigstone Cree Nation


Calling Lake is one of three communities within Bigstone Cree Nation. Others are Wabasca, where the nation is headquartered, and Chipewyan Lake. Considered to be a Woodland Cree People, the Bigstone Cree Nation also includes five reserves. Bigstone was signed into the Treaty 8 agreement in 1899 and was provided with funds along with reserve lands to govern for the growth of its membership. As of the 2016 census, the nation numbers about 5,000 members, on and off reserve. 


Learn more about the Bigstone Cree Nation at bigstone.ca


Métis Nation of Alberta District 22

Calling Lake is located within Métis Nation of Alberta District 22, the Wabasca-Desmarais Métis District. Districts were formed in 2023 following overwhelming ratification of a constitution outlining Métis Nation of Alberta values. Nancy Cardinal was chosen by acclamation as the first Metis Citizen Representative for District 22.

Learn more about the Métis Nation of Alberta at albertametis.com

Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17

The Municipal District of Opportunity No. 17 encompasses Calling Lake and three other hamlets: Red Earth Creek, Sandy Lake (or Pelican Mountain) and Wabasca. The latter, also known as Wabasca-Desmarais, is the location of the municipal office. Smaller localities in the MD include Calling River, Chipewyan Lake, Peerless Lake and Trout Lake. MD No.  17 was established Aug. 1, 1995 from former Improvement district No. 17 East (North). Its economy includes forestry, oil and gas production and diamond exploration. Calling Lake Provincial Park, at the south end of the lake, is part of a growing tourism segment. The 2021 census counted 3,382 residents.


Learn more about the MD of Opportunity at mdopportunity.ab.ca

MD of Opportunity within the province of Alberta

A project of the Calling Lake Community Society

Land Acknowledgement

Recognizing that we are all Treaty people, equally responsible to know our shared history and journey forward in good faith, we acknowledge with respect that Calling Lake stands on land, and alongside water, where Indigenous peoples have gathered, hunted, fished and held ceremonies from time immemorial. Knowing that J.B. Gambler Indian Reserve #183 is part of Bigstone Cree Nation within Treaty 8 Territory, and that we are within Métis Nation of Alberta District 22, we wish to understand the spirit and intent of promises made so that we can take action to create a just and caring future built on truth and reconciliation.

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