Strategic Plan 2021-2024 
The Calling Lake Community Society

Please Review The Strategic Plan 2021-2024

As you’ll see, the plan identifies “documenting Calling Lake history” as a key community development project. Two individuals who were key to the society’s expanded focus, beyond cottagers to the entire community, have stepped up to form the nucleus of a history committee. With others with an interest in history, they are forging ahead, guided by the society’s stated goal: “Encourage research and publication on the history of the Calling Lake area and its people.”

Other priorities include stewarding the health of the lake that has always been a magnet and source of life for our community. 

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Land Acknowledgement

Recognizing that we are all equally responsible to know our shared history and journey forward in good faith, we acknowledge with respect that Calling Lake stands on land, and alongside water, where Indigenous peoples have gathered, hunted, fished and held ceremonies from time immemorial.

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